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Create wearable brand collateral for our members. We want young people to wear this out or to school, not just to bed or to the gym. Biggest hurdle was convincing the team to remove the text callout from the back of the shirts. We wanted this to have very subtle branding so that it felt more natural for the members to wear the shirts in public.



Create three shirts, two for young people who complete 2+ campaigns with DoSomething.org. The third is a VIP shirt that will only be sent to those members who go above and beyond. Surprise and delight.

To make the VIP shirt special, I decided to use gold foil printing.



Worked with our content writer to come up with multiple tag lines for the shirts. The tag lines went through approval process on the team. I created a few different variations. We tried crew neck and v-neck. Brand-colored shirts vs heather gray shirts. Logo placement.